At Gardens of Paradise we pride ourselves on our custom events and the idea of giving control back to the bride. It is your day and you should have the ability to mold it into what you want!

We are excited and motivated to offer our unique and romantic Wedding Venue in addition to our creativity, organizational talents and experience. At Gardens of Paradise our only goal is that our clients remember their wedding day...for all the right reasons.

When the creative staff at Gardens of Paradise, is given the option of painting a picture or creating a masterpiece. We always opt for the Masterpiece; your wedding will be no exception. There is nothing we love more than a wedding at Gardens of Paradise.


We have the ability to coordinate all of the details - the design, lighting, entertainment, staffing, and, most important we have the talent to infuse the event with the individuality of the host. Drawing on our years of experience, we know what problems to anticipate and how to solve them. Because every party has its own personality, we custom design each event.Our business is not predicated solely on the event itself, but on the relationships we forge with each and every client. Our primary purpose is to help our clients celebrate life's small and large moments.


All great picnics start in a beautiful park. For one magnificent day, we’ll turn our paradise into your own personal park. You’ll find it large enough to accommodate all the events and activities your heart desires, yet intimate and private that you’ll feel that it’s truly your own. The idea behind a picnic is for friends, family and employees to enjoy a day together outside the work space and create bonding memories that will benefit the company – giving your employees a boost of energy and feel appreciated. It’s a great way to say “Thank you.”

Planning a corporate holiday party is an important and challenging task. A company holiday party is a great way to thank key stakeholders for their help and support over the past year. It also offers a fun way to do a little relationship building with all stakeholders. can help you with ideas, theme party planning, budget planning and management for your seasonal party. We can provide you with great ideas for holiday theme parties, corporate gift ideas, custom invitations, life-size cutouts and signage, candy bar wrappers and memorable caricatures. We’ll help you plan a party that will send Season’s Greetings to your employees, your customers and your boss! The Client Services Staff never forgets that you have to live with the end result of the Holdiay Party all year long.


Season 5, Episode 10“Bollywood BBQ”